SECC contact information

Need to contact someone regarding SECC? We are all here to help!

Contact your Local Campaign Manager if you have questions about any of the following:

1. Campaign coordinator trainings or any coordinator-related questions.
2. Campaign materials (e.g. pledge forms, directory of charities, incentive items, etc.)
3. Special event needs (e.g. agency fairs, agency speakers, etc.)
4. Pledge reporting needs.
5. If you are an organization that wishes to apply to the SECC locally.
6. For all other questions regarding your organization's campaign, or any other questions
    regarding the local campaign as a whole.

When should I contact a Statewide Federation?

1. When you have questions regarding an affiliate organization of that federation.
2. If you are an organization that wishes to apply to the SECC statewide.
3. For all other questions related to any of the statewide federations listed in the
    directory of charities.

When should I contact the State Campaign Manager?

1. When you have a grievance.
2. When you would like to contact the State Policy Committee.
3. If you are an organization and are not sure of the application process.
4. For any and all other questions that cannot be answered by anyone else.