So you are the campaign coordinator …

What you need to know as the SECC campaign coordinator for your office, agency, institution or campus is all right here at your fingertips.

If you're new to being the SECC campaign coordinator for your organization, don't worry … you are about to embark on a fun and very rewarding experience! We have assembled some tools and ideas that can be useful to you as the campaign coordinator. The best tool and resource that you have is nearby — your local campaign manager. 
Campaign coordinators are very important to the SECC.
You and your fellow campaign coordinators in other agencies and higher education institutions around the state make the SECC successful. The SECC is all about volunteers and the campaign belongs to state, higher education and community/junior college employees across Texas. Thank you for taking on this task. You are making a difference.

Visit the Resources page to find all you need to conduct a successful SECC campaign.


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